E- Tendering Advantage over Conventional one


The e-tendering framework has turned into a most popular arrangement of tender management under the public procurement space. Digital tendering has helped companies to deal their procurement requirements more effectively and efficiently.

The manual tender system can be long and awkward and is frequently too expensive. Since supplanting traditional tender process with that of electronic medium has turned into the need of the time. With an exceptionally mechanized e-Tendering framework, tender determination, promoting, tender accumulation and additionally the assessment and setting of the agreement can be set at ease.


What is E- tendering?

A web-based process wherein the total tendering process; from promoting to receiving and submitting tender related data are done on the web. This empowers firms to be more proficient as paper-based exchanges are decreased or eliminated, encouraging for a more fast trade of data.

E-tenders in general population are has seen quick development as of late. E-procurement tasks are regularly some portion of the country’s bigger e-Government endeavors to nationals and organizations in the computerized economy.

Advantages of E-Tendering

  1. Executing an e- tendering framework benefits all levels of an association. E- Tendering process offer improved spend control and visibility and help fund officers coordinate buys with buy requests, receipts, and employment tickets.
  2. Reduced expenses as compared to traditional paper-based response process

Simple to use software interface

Rearranged tender and procurement system for both suppliers and procurement officers.

  1. Round-the-clock simple and quick access to tendering data.

Standard indications of imperative due dates in the tender award process.

Gives more secure access to tender data than conventional printed copy process.

  1. Responses from providers remain secure and privileged until the end date.
  2. All communications can be followed in a clear legitimately binding audit trail

Executing an E- Tendering system benefits all levels of a company. Electronic tendering systems offer enhanced spend perceivability and control and help back and help finance officers match purchases with buy requests, receipts and job tickets.


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