How Does an E-tendering Bidder System Work?


E-tendering bidder system is a solution to provide a platform for e-bidding. E-bidding is the process of digital bidding using the internet and all other digital devices and medium. e-tendering bidder system has different modules and components. These modules are the site administrator section, Buyer’s section (Employer), bidder’s section (All interested contractor or supplier) and a public view section.

Role in each module is decided for a component for certain extent. Site Administrator can register buyer or bidder and has an own password but can’t access bidding process. A buyer can publish or download or award a tender and to complete this process buyer needs a password. But a buyer can’t access to bidders page. A bidder can submit or modify a submitted bid and needs a password to accomplish these tasks. A bidder can’t access buyers page or not able to delete a bid. The general viewer can only view tenders but not able to access the any of the parts of the bidding process. General viewers don’t require any password to check tenders on the website.

Each of the modules facilitates certain tasks. In the buyer’s section buyer can offer tender notice and offer bid information to the supplier. Here, the all amendments are accomplished by the buyer. Once the Tender notice has generated it is viewable in bidder section. In Bidder section, now the bidder can bid on that tender and all the information is accessible to the bidder which is provided by the buyer. If Bidder needs to change his bid, he can modify, substitute or withdraw the bid any time before the period of bidding process ends. After the completion of a bidding process, bid evaluation is started. In bid evaluation process, the acquired bid is evaluated to award the tender. Once the winning bid is evaluated, buyer generates a notice to the successful bidder.

There are a few advantages are offered by e-tendering bidder system to a buyer. The same benefits are provided by e-tendering bidder system. e-Tendering Contract electronic is included in that.

  • Buyers receive competitive prices
  • Global reach i.e. Buyers can reach suppliers worldwide
  • Bid comparison is made easy for buyer
  • Efficient process, Time-saving in comparison to usual negotiations
  • Effective Cost saving solution due to fewer person hours, less paperwork, and fewer travel costs
  • Pool of market knowledge, Suppliers gain more knowledge of the market
  • All bidders or contractor have access to the same information and the process is clearly defined
  • Secure Bidding System
  • Suppliers can react directly to bids from competitors

The information available on site is information about e-procurement, tenders and awarded contracts. This information is made available to the general audience. If anyone has queries regarding e-tendering bidder system, a FAQ section available to learn about the process deeply.


E-procurement and e-payment system can give you online presence

Nowadays e-Commerce is becoming significantly productive in revolutionize the fields of performance & client relations in a business. It furnishes applications such as e-commerce, e-sales, e-selling, E-procurement and e-payment system, which are supportive in B2B and B2C dealings. Separately from purchasing and marketing of goods at some point of time, e-business helps effective supervision of info, it is charges and time efficient and most prominently very suitable to use.

E-Procurement devices can be used by organization of any size, and can considerably develop income, also as being used to elaborate the base of procedures.

Although E-procurement and e-payment system permit businesses to send out and get orders far more immediate and more proficiently than when not applying electronic means. Since the orders are received earlier, the merchandise could be dispersed before, which must eventually guide to a faster payment. Electronic invoicing could as well keep payment checks. Payments are merely probable to come through a day or two faster utilizing these sorts of methods, which might not appear as much, simply when there are thousands of payments annually, this would lead to a vast development in income for the business.

Besides as the raise in income, via e-Procurement function can appreciably increase the quantity of trade for the company. Through E-procurement and e-payment system a company merely being noticeable on-line could pull far more business, & extends their client base from those who encounter to walking past a structure, to anybody with an Internet association.

A lot of small businesses still prefer to procedure payments through cheque, which could as well reason delays with income. Electronic payments are far more immediate, and accepting payment via credit card could be priceless to small business. Though one concealed advantage of utilizing E-procurement and E-payment system systems is that before unreachable markets can unexpectedly turn accessible, and resources can frequently be sourced at a much low price than by existing supplier.

Therefore, the market is frequently altering, and business should adjust so as to survive. An on-line presence is necessary, and using E-procurement and e-payment system technique can endow with a vast improve for small companies. Without utilizing these techniques, company could be left behind their challengers, and could frequently fight back to continue floating throughout what is an enormously tough time monetarily for small business. Even having a very essential web presence could unlock a company up to a huge growth in business.