Driving the Way through E- Procurement Solution


E -Procurement is the main key part to decide the achievement of a specific business. Various online organizations give a selection of other options to unravel issues identified with dealing with time, acquisition costs, basic leadership, and hazard administration through E-procurement locales. These arrangements help in improving efficiency and streamlining the acquirements process.

People might have the capacity to meet business objectives through customized arrangements relying upon business field and acquiring needs. Such arrangements empower associations in receiving rewards of cost-control and cost following, making portfolios as indicated by arranging sorts and accomplish quicker request handling. E-procurement arrangements give online robotization, adjusting associations to driving measures of e-business, expanding perceivability to corporate consumption and killing double request section prerequisites.


Different services of E-procurement arrangements incorporate customized online list, altered marking down structure, punch out inventory reconciliation, appropriate application joining and level document index information bolster. These arrangements by and large manage areas looking for data with respect to current frameworks, hierarchical procedures, business condition and profile. They may likewise help in actualizing these plans and measures required to guarantee achievement and reserve funds. E-procurement helps in changing over all manual paper – based acquirement system of every one of these perspectives into electronic technique.

E-procurement arrangements can be gotten through different online merchants that give preparing about utilization of different highlights and their points of interest. This causes, organizations to receive most extreme rewards of innovation and limit different imperatives of benefit picks up. E-procurement arrangements likewise enable organizations to dissect their E-procurement, development and spare a lot of printed material to lessen costs.

Online data may enable the client to pick up an unmistakable understanding and learning about E-procurement, including the reasonableness of its utilization as per business purpose. In any case, it is prescribed that organizations break down their needs of such an answer before obtaining it. If not required, it could bring about lost income because of interest in an innovation that was not required.

E-procurement work processes can be characterized, implemented and institutionalized crosswise over whole divisions, and numerous acquirement and production network administration has formed already embraced by a colleague be mechanized. For instance, computerizing buy requests and solicitations electronically decrease the requirement for manual printed material, and the colleague who manages this printed material is allowed to chip away at different assignments.

Also, E-procurement is a more proficient approach to oversee contracts online as it can be utilized to ensure that the greater part of your association’s agreements conform to applicable strategies. Instruments, for example, our own particular Tender Manager ensures that the whole offering process is EU consistent, from online reaction assessment to contract grant. Institutionalizing your procedures through E-procurement strategies will likewise eliminate avoidable authoritative mistakes which can happen with paper-based techniques.

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Lotus Procure made e-Tendering very easy and effortless.


Convention tendering is very complex and tricky process, and when it comes to any large organization this manual method of tendering become more stressful. After the introduction of e-procurement, most of the processes become less hectic and less stressful. Implementation of e-procurement helps at all the level of company environment.  After the digitization in all the sectors, it was very crucial to serving digital economy in procurement sector as well. Now it has helped with better control, productivity, reduced cost and higher security.

Lotus Procure improved visibility, better control, and fair financial deals in e-Tendering. It manages tendering process online and this has been improved the accessibility of tenders. Enable people to download the tender and then submit the bid using this system without moving or taking so much time. The objective of offering this system is to provide the best value of the money via secure and transparent procurement process. All the multiple procurement needs are fulfilled and handled very effortlessly by the use of e-tender system. Lotus Procure helps to automate the tendering procedure.

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In this system firstly suppliers are invited to sign up in the system. This is called the registration process and it is free of cost. Lotus procure is an online internet based tendering system which provides secure access through unique “username” and “password” to each qualified organization. This system is available in English.

Once registered sellers can update their provided information anytime and are recommended to change their “passcode” regularly.  Part of the registration method is the recognition of the varieties and classes of goods or services that the corporation is actively offering or selling, using a standardized categorization list offered by the system.  This will guarantee that the organization will be able to obtain information regularly about ITBs, market surveys, RFPs, RFQs, notices of the award of contracts, and other data information that is directly significant to the existing business portfolio.  All the relevant information is exchanged in digital form.

After registering in the system, a supplier can view the list of tender contracts, awarded contracts, able to quote for tender, able to receive contract information and documentation and send and receive correspondence.  Getting started with this system is not that tough, through the tender option supplier can browse the list of tenders and contracts and able to get details in which you are interested. All the tender information is provided in sorted form.

Lotus Procure is the best assistance in the complex tendering process and helps you to reduce the stress of the tendering process and make every step effortless for you. It makes you more focused for a winning bid or finding a contract that matches with your company portfolio. By using Lotus Procure web based e-tendering solution, the intensive task of tendering will become faster and easier. Be the part of the revolution and make better future for your organization.

Procurement of Faster Tendering


A better and faster collaborative space for an easy procurement process with barely a paperwork, E-tendering has made such an idea into a reality!

Tendering is a complex and exhausting process, or so it was until it all fully automated in the virtual space online. Procurement is the process of purchasing goods and services online. Tendering is a prominent part of this system. However, the traditional system was very long and difficult. But since the introduction of E-tendering, that entire process is now cost-effective, both for the buyers and the sellers. All the activities, like an advertisement, placing the order, bidding and finally the purchase of the tender are completely done online. It cuts back the excess loss of time and the unnecessary paperwork. And since it all happens online in public domain, the process is more transparent than ever. No more underhanded methods to gain the bigger tenders.


Various tender service providers are available on the web to provide information about the tenders from across the sectors. These online services have a database of thousands of tenders which is regularly updated. Online tender services match these tenders with the profile or demands of their subscribers and mail the suitable tenders to the organizations, mostly every day. It saves the organizations the time to find the suitable tenders and makes sure that they don’t miss out of good opportunities.

The entire process is simplified even after the tender alerts are sent out to the organization. Complete description about the tenders is at the full disposal of the clients. The online tender services also provide efficient ways to communicate in case of any problem or inquiry. The organization can file their bids online, along with all the documents needed for the tender. An E-agreement is signed between the seller and buyers before the E-bidding starts.


Electronic tendering bidding system has transformed the entire procurement process. It is more transparent than ever. It has enabled organizations to connect and bid internationally. It’s done entirely online between the buyers and the seller.  The organizations can place their best bids and see the others bids with whom they are competing. Once the bidding stops, the seller reviews the bids and awards the tender. The process doesn’t end here but it sure is easier due to the increased web space that organizations are making use.

Rather than the old and traditional billing and mailing ways, the post-award procurement process sees the real change. With help of an E-tendering invoicing system, a digital invoice is then prepared and mailed by a seller. The buyer verifies it and pays using one of the many online payment portals. As a result, the entire process begins, progresses and ends without any waiting periods or a need for physical presence. Both sides make profits and become better connected with even cross-border businesses.

Time, privacy, authenticity, transparency and development, E-procurement has enabled a space where it is only getting better each day. The world is bigger than ever yet more connected than yesterday.